About Shadow Play + Dr. Cindy Lou Golin

What Is Shadow?

Traditionally, psychological “shadow” refers to that which is outside conscious awareness (it’s in the dark). Shadow Play uses the term “shadow” to include anything that we have yet to fully own, integrate, or accept in our first-person perspective. This may include aspects that are completely in the dark and totally out of awareness, as well as aspects that are somewhat in awareness but are disowned, resisted, or simply disliked.

Shadow is often represented as being complex, mysterious, scary, and emotionally charged. Perhaps part of why shadow has been given such a bad rap is because it’s unknown. Much like the thought of a monster under the bed or an unfamiliar noise in a dark room, shadow is often interpreted to be scary for the simple reason that it’s hidden. It’s out of awareness, and we don’t know what it is.

Let’s be willing to own and accept the unknown, and to reclaim all those disowned aspects of ourselves—no matter how dark or bright.

What Is Shadow Play?

There are many books on shadow work, but the essence of shadow work is very simple. Much like with a physical shadow, all you have to do is
shine light and it disappears. It’s literally that simple. 
Here “light,” refers to the Light of Awareness, the Light of Love, and the Light of Spirit. Simply looking at shadow begins to shift it, and directly shining the Light of Love on it will melt shadow away.

Shadow Play is like a game of hide-and-seek with ourselves. We can frame our shadow practice like an adventure; Shadow Play can serve as a treasure map to help you find your hidden and disowned inner aspects. Like a pirate who’s charted his course, you’re on this adventure to reclaim hidden treasures from unknown areas of your consciousness, and you may need to do a little swashbuckling along the way. Shadow practice can be totally fun and often surprisingly easy, yet it also requires courage and willingness. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Let your shadow aspects be what they are, rather than making assumptions about them. Meet each part of your shadow as though it’s a new friend. Shadow Play and work can involve shedding a tear, or it can look like roaring laughter after a good punchline. Either way, the end result is upliftment, liberation, and greater awareness of your True Nature. Shadow “work” can truly be “play”—a fun, easy, and delightful adventure. 

About Dr. Cindy Lou Golin

Dr. Cindy Lou Golin is a leadership coach, life coach, facilitator, and instructional designer with decades of experience focused on human transformation. She has a PhD in transpersonal psychology and additional graduate certificates including clinical psychology, spiritual psychology, creative expression, and soul-centered leadership. She is a certified Fire Walk instructor. She has served on faculty at Integral Institute, JFK University, Ten Directions, and currently with Two Arrows Zen Real LIFE Programs. 

Cindy Lou helps clients untie their egoic knots and shift into more authentic, heartfelt expression. She has a knack for facilitating personal insights, then helping you translate them into meaningful practices that create ongoing, sustainable change. If you have clear intention and willingness, she can support you in getting where you want to be. 

She has had the privilege of working with a variety of clients across six continents, including Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League educators, C-suite executives, professional and Olympic athletes, actors, reality show stars, fine artists, writers, aerial artists, musicians, doctors, nurses, lawyers, spiritual teachers, yoga instructors, solo-entrepreneurs, coaches, facilitators, small business owners, students, prison inmates, educators, parents, and more. While Dr. Golin is considered an authority and expert in the area of human transformation, she describes herself as a perpetual student, who loves to play and enjoy Beginner’s Mind.