Sure-Fire Approach to Manifesting Your Heartfelt Dreams

Clients often say they need to understand why they aren’t moving forward with meaningful actions or projects. And while sometimes that can be a helpful inquiry, most of the time it’s just a sneaky way for the ego to prevent you from moving forward.

I have noticed clients who have set out on a journey towards their heartfelt dreams, can get side-tracked by the forms of shadow that arise. Like a siren luring a sailor, our resistance can seduce us into an endless exploration of our interior, seemingly needing to answer questions such as “Why do I keep sabotaging myself?” or “Why am I so resistant?” or “Why do I hold back?” “Why haven’t I done that yet?” etc. Be warned, getting distracted by such questions is the ego’s way of preventing you from living your dreams more fully.

If you really want to understand and know why, take action towards your dreams and you will find out. If shadow material does surface, you can work with it when it arises. Who do you want to be leading, your ego or You?

So if you really want to be living your heartfelt dreams, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Set an intention related to living your heartfelt dream.
  2. In the next 24 hours, take one small next action toward manifesting your heartfelt dream, or goal, or vision.
  3. Once complete, repeat step two.