iPod Oracle - A Shadow Play Exercise

Something I notice about life these days is how I can get really caught up in trying to “figure it out” … Whatever it is… I notice myself over mentalizing. And we are so much more than our minds! Is there an area of life that you are struggling with or stuck on? Let’s lift it above the mind and invite some magic.

Whatever it is you’re grappling with, I invite you to lay it at the feet of the iPod Oracle and see what wisdom, insight, and magic is available to you. Simply follow the steps below.

iPod™ Oracle Instructions:

  1. With your issue, struggle, or question in mind, set an intention for this experience and write it down. For example, “I intend to have insight and new awareness about my recent experiences of overwhelm.”
  2. Access a playlist. Consider using a playlist with lots of songs, or even better “all songs.” Have it ready to go and programmed for a random shuffle mode.
  3. Evoke a blessing in any way that feels clear to you. Call upon those Spiritual beings, Angels, Guides, and other loving beings who work with you. For example, “Spirit, I ask for a blessing on this experience, that it be filled with love and light, and that only that which is for my highest good come forward.”
  4. With energy of your blessing present, ask an open-ended question and press your playlist forward to the next song, then press Play. For example, “God, what would you
  5. Listen to the song that comes forward as though it is a special answer or blessing for you. It may even be a message from on high or something that relates to your question. Relax and receive the loving wisdom through the music and/or the lyrics.
  6. After listening to the song, reflect on responses to the following questions:
    1. What are your initial impressions of the song? What does it mean to you?
    2. What thoughts and feelings does it evoke?
    3. If the song has lyrics, what do they mean to you?
    4. What symbolism is conveyed through the lyrics? Are there colors or numbers? A theme?
    5. Is there anything else you notice?

Note: If you find you don’t relate to the song that came forward or you don’t understand how it applies to your issue, ask the iPod oracle to provide another song to help you clarity how it’s relevant, then click to hear the next “random” song.

  1. Based on your exploration of the song’s meaning and relevance, what message do you sense Wisdom/Spirit/Universe/Magic is trying to convey? How does this relate to your intention or area of struggle?
  2. Based on this information, is there an action you’d like to take or something you’d like to do differently?
  3. Are you willing to do it?

Trust the process, the song’s wisdom, and your timing.